Thursday, February 9, 2017

hair today, gone tomorrow (OMG how have I not used that title before).

This year, my hair went on an exciting journey... down my bathtub drain / into my garbage can. I lost almost all the hair on my head in a 6 week period. In my 18 years of bald spots, I've never experienced anything like it. I'd wash my hair and it would come out in chunks. I could've made a sweater from all of my hair that had gathered on my sweaters.

I finally decided to shave it a couple of weeks ago. It was a tough decision, but I (almost) immediately felt better about how I looked. And apparently I've got a great shaped noggin. Let me show you.

It's weird (and kind of amazing) having a shaved head. Washing my scalp is a breeze! And styling my hairs is an absolute dream. AND (perhaps most importantly) no more hairballs in my bathtub. See! There's (almost always) always a bright side.


  1. Oh wow, you really *have* got a beautifully shaped head *and* nicely proportioned ears!
    I'd have done the same before I even got to the point you did because when I'm losing hair I grieve *so hard* for what's missing that it's painful to see what remains, if you know what I mean? But I'm prone to being rash, doing drastic things in the heat of the moment/ emotion, and have 0 patience.
    Thanks so much for your blog <3

    1. Thank you so much for your comment and mentioning that you're grieving what's gone. This situation isn't relatable to many. I figure acceptance is key, but for me at this point feels almost impossible.

      I hope you are doing well, feeling good and slaying the world with your beautiful bald head. :)


  2. Hi,

    I am maria, really its very worst experience while suffering through Alopecia Areata. its disturb our happy life. :(

    Thanks for your post